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Saturday, July 21, 2007

10:10 pm pdt 

Testing the virtual waters...

Hi! This is Pastor Ric posting my first 'blog' to the CWC website. For those who aren't familier with the terminology, 'blog' is shorthand for weblog, which is essentially a writer's journal or editorial or whatever published on the Internet, viewable by any and all.

As a neophyte blogger I'm submitting this first post just to get my virtual feet virtually wet.

By way of introduction you can read my essay in the Chapman University School of Law Nexus Journal, conveniently located at

Mine's the one entitled, "Obscenity, Tolerance and the Moral Community." Actually, that was the title my editor suggested. I can't recall what I originally submitted.  Hers not only accurately describes my content but has the virtue of sounding rather educated and knowing when read aloud (try it; now try it again with an English accent. See... it almost drips "educated and knowing.").

You might ask how I came to be a recognized expert on the subject of obscenity. Anyone? No... well, I'll tell you anyway.

The reality is I'm questionably expert and definitely not recognized. What I bring to the debate is a firm belief in moral absolutes combined with a working knowledge of the Bible and a Google toolbar (not to mention a penchant for rhetorical transitions). All of this served to fuel what I trust you'll find to be a cogent argument for defining community standards based not on personal preference but rather on... but if I go on you'll have no need to read the article, so I'll leave you at the right side of the elipsis and let your curiousity take you from there.
10:09 pm pdt 

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